ya , aku jarang update , tau :( tak berapa sempatlah sekarang . .

terima kasih .

termelalut , maaf .

thanks sudi baca she lives in a fairytales .

hope enjoy :)

my own poet

why are your eyes are so cold
when we see each other ?
why do you do that ?
i don't understand

do you forget all the things in that time !
the memories where we've been good together

if that day i did something bad or something wrong
i want you to forget about it
can you come back to love me ?
can we go back the same ?
i'll always wait for you every breath that i take
i don't want to have a lonely life anymore
i really can't endure it
because my heart . . .
 loves only you . .
in that da without you
i feel empty in my heart
i've never been lonely like this
i just realized it
if i can turn back the time

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